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Processed foods key to rising obesity.jpg

Processed foods key to rising obesity

A year-long study of the dietary habits of 9,341 Australians has backed growing evidence that highly processed and refined foods are the leading contributor of rising obesity rates in the Western world.

Tracing tomatoes' health benefits to gut microbes.jpg

Tracing tomatoes’ health benefits to gut microbes

Two weeks of eating a diet heavy in tomatoes increased the diversity of gut microbes and altered gut bacteria toward a more favorable profile in young pigs, researchers found. After observing these results with a short-term intervention, the research team plans to progress to similar studies in people.

childhood trauma

Childhood traumas strongly impact both mental and physical health

Most Americans report experiencing at least one traumatic event in childhood, and a new study shows that these experiences have significant impacts on our health risks as adults. Physical illnesses such as obesity and chronic pain are affected, but mental disorders show the most significant association, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), bipolar disorder, substance abuse, and depression.

Lamin C facilitates repair of damaged nuclear envelope in human and mouse cells.jpg

Lamin C facilitates repair of damaged nuclear envelope in human and mouse cells

Using immunofluorescence and live-cell imaging, researchers were recently able to determine the mechanism underlying the repairing mechanism of the nuclear envelope, which play a key role in various physiologically relevant processes. The accidental rupture of the structure poses a hazard to the integrity of the mammalian nucleus. The study found that lamin C and related factors synergistically facilitate the repair process in mammalian cells.

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